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Prepositions (e.g.: para, de, a, con, sobre, en)

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Give the Spanish equivalent of the following:

between .
without .
with .
toward .
behind .
during .
since .
under .
underneath .
according to .
as for .
approximately .
about .
beside .
before .
after .
until .
among .
against .
in front of .

Is the verb followed by a, de, en, or nothing (write x for nothing):

Ellos se decidieron ir cine esta noche.
Los niños dependen mucho sus padres.
Ustedes querían comprar ropa nueva.
Tú siempre piensas el futuro.
Ella se olvidó lo que iba a decir.
¿Cómo aprendiste hacer eso?

Translate the following:

I saw him at the office > .
I do it Friday > .
She plays guitar > .
Paul worked for four hours > .
David wants to play tennis > .
The book is Alicia's > .
He came with me to the concert > .

In this section: Description, Questions, Exercises

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