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School (la escuela)

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English Images Spanish Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
the teacher Teacher, Female, College, Student el profesor/la profesor  
the homework  Kid got stress doing homework or prepare for exam las tareas
the classroom  Classroom, School, Education, Learning la aula  
the desk  School Desks el escritorio
a computer  Computer, From Above, Hands un ordenador  
recess Kids playing at the school ground el recreo
a pen  Pen,pen,write,letter un bolígrafo
a pencil  Pencil, Green, Writing Tools un lapiz  
an exam  Man, Men, Hand, Person, People, Male un examen  
the board  School, Teacher, Professor, Students la pizarra  
a notebook  Notebook, Paper, Page, Empty, Blank un cuaderno
my book  Open book icon with reflection mi libro
the hallway  School, Hallway, Indoors, Hallway el pasillo  
the library  Library, Books, Knowledge, Information la biblioteca  
my locker Lockers, School, Education, Student mi casillero  
the locker room  dressing room 3 el vestuario  
a sheet of paper  Paper, Sheet, Old, Background, Template una hoja de papel  
to study  Student reading illustration estudiar  
to learn Blackboard, Boys, Chalkboard, Children aprender  
pass (an exam)  Accept, Yes, Checkmark, Symbol, Sign pasar  
the gym  Old Gym In Hot Springs, Fordyce el gimnasio  
the bathroom el baño  
the office  Vector cartoon illustration of bright office, modern workplace with transparent glass wall and tile la oficina  
a detention Disobedience, Mother And Son, Boy, Mess un castigo  

Helpful verbs

aprender ("to learn"), hacer ("to do"), estudiar ("to study"), e.g.:

Aprendo el francès = "I am learning French"
Voy a hacer mis tareas = "I am going to do my homework"
Hay que estudiar para el examen final = "You need to study for the final exam"
You can use the SpanishChecker Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: subjunctive verb forms

After certain verbs and expressions, the subjunctive verb form is used, e.g.: Quiero que digas la verdad (cf.: the present indicative of decir, dices).
To master the subjunctive, you must learn when to use it, i.e.: the expressions and verbs that trigger the subjunctive form of the following verb. You must also learn the particular subjunctive forms of many common irregular verbs e.g.: hacer, savoir, être (que yo haga, que yo sepa, que yo sea).
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