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Household (la casa)

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English Images Spanish
Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
the door Front door house entrace icon la puerta  
a room una habitación  
the bedroom Cartoon bedroom interior background template. cozy modern house room in morning light el cuarto  
the basement el sótano  
the kitchen Modern kitchen interior background template. cartoon dinner room with furniture la cocina  
the window Window,barn,new,hampshire la ventana  
a house L'Architecture, Maison De Famille una casa  
a bed Bedroom 1 una cama  
a table Cozy dining room with table illustration una mesa  
a chair old chair una silla  
a cup Cup,cup,green,stoneware una taza  
a knife Antique silver knife. un cuchillo  
a fork Fork,fork,isolated,spoon un tenedor  
a plate Plate,plate,dinner,dish un plato  
a glass Backlit glas un vaso   
a spoon Cuillère À Café, Métal, Manger, Cuillère una cuchara  
the stairs Empty hallway staircase background las escaleras  
the floor (ground) Wood Floor el suelo  
a floor (of a building) un piso  
the ceiling el cielo raso
the roof Rooftop in a newly constructed subdivision showing asphalt shingles el techo  
the shower Little child boy character take a shower. daily routine. bathroom interior background. la ducha  
the airconditioning Air conditioning elements el aire acondicionado  
a bottle Message In A Bottle, Sos, Bottle una botella  
the bathroom Bathroom interior, room with furniture, bathtub, shelves, mirror, faucet, curtain el baño
the living room Interior of living room with sofa el salón  
a towel Towels 1 una toalla  
the garden In the botanical garden el jardín  
the sofa House, Interior, Design, Couch, Sofa el sofá  


Helpful verbs

necesitar ("need"), ser ("be"), subir ("to go up"), sentarse ("to sit down")

Yo necesito un cuchillo = "I need a knife"
La ducha está en el sótano = "The shower is in the basement"
 Hay que subir al segundo piso = "You have to go up to the second floor"
Voy a sentarme en el sofá = "I'm going to sit down on the sofa"
You can use the SpanishChecker Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: object pronouns

Object pronouns (e.g.: "me", "it", "him", etc. in English) come BEFORE the verb in Spanish. For example, "David sees her" = David la ve; "Laura wants it" = Laura lo quiere. Consult our Grammar Guide to learn more about direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns and the order of pronouns.
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