Spanish Vocabulary Guide

Basic Expressions

Here are the basic words/expressions that everyone needs to know. Once they have been mastered, you can focus on the other categories.

English Spanish Listen and Repeat
Hello Hola  
Please Por favor
Good-bye Adios  
I need Necesito  
I want Quiero  
Where is? Dónde está  
My name is Me llamo  
Help Ayuda  
Thank you Gracias  
When is ...? Cuándo es
I am sick Estoy enferma/o  
I am sorry Lo siento
no no  
Do you speak English? Hablas inglés  
I am Soy  
I have Tengo  
to eat comer  
to drink beber  
The police la policía  
The hospital el hospital  
To lose perder  
Money el dinero  
I like Me gusta  
I don't like No me gusta  
How much is Cuanto cuesta  


Basic Numbers/days

English Spanish Listen and Repeat
zero cero  
one uno
two dos  
three tres  
four cuatro  
five cinco  
six seis  
seven siete  
eight ocho  
nine nueve
ten diez  
today hoy  
tomorrow mañana  
yesterday ayer  
Monday lunes  
Tuesday martes  
Wednesday miércoles  
Thursday jueves  
Friday viernes  
Saturday sábado  
Sunday domingo  
an hour una hora  
a day un día
a week una semana
tonight esta noche    


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Grammar Point: Present Tense

The present tense of a verb is formed by dropping the -ar (or -er or -ir) of the infinitive and using the appropriate ending. For example:

trabajar ("to work") > trabajo ("I work"); trabaja ("he/she works").

For some common verbs, the middle vowel changes as well. For example:

poder ("to be able") > puedo ("I can"); puede ("he/she can")

dormir ("to sleep") > duerma ("he/she is sleeping").

You can find out more about the present tense of verbs here.


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