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Thanks so much for creating it, it's really fantastic! Colby.

This is an amazing website!!!! This has not only helped me correct my grammer but also TAUGHT me how to fix it and what to remember. THANK YOU! CS.

Good checker, definitely helps me improve my Spanish. ID

This is the single most important tool that I use when teaching writing in Spanish. The students get so much more from the class time when they work with your site, rather than waiting on me to provide feedback that they probably won’t read!, CR, Spanish Teacher.

I really like the detailed descriptions that Spanish checker gives, explaining why the errors are wrong. It points out things that I wouldn't have noticed before, but I feel like I learn by correcting them. AR.

This is the best thing EVER since sliced bread!  Thank you so much for an amazing resource! J. Allen.

I fiI find SpanishChecker to be super helpful! it goes into deep depth and explains perfectly why it highlighted a word. Thanks for the resource!  EV.

This is so helpful!!! I love the info on how to change it and not just to change it.  Thanks!!!!

Your Checker is  easy to use and works great. SO.

SpanishChecker caught most of my careless mistakes and prompted me to double check several tricky idiomatic expressions, Dave.

This is  a valuable tool that has helped me to find common overlooked errors in my writing.  The program sometimes says things such as names are wrong and that brings down the grade; however, overall I believe it is a successful program, Sarah L.

I like how the website gives you the reason for your mistake rather than just telling you what the correct answer is. That way, you can understand why you were wrong and learn from it for the future. SH.


SpanishChecker was useful.  It is very helpful and innovative, LL.
The program should add more Spanish special phrases, expression, and be more flexible with difficult grammar choice.  Overall, very good, Ellie.
I used it primarily for a holistic review of my writing t catch small mistakes, such as gender not agreeing, ER.
SpanishChecker is particularly helpful with little errors such as conjugation and agreement, PK.

SpanishChecker works great, very helpful, DM.

In the past I've had to spend lots of time correcting basic Spanish errors but this year I was able to let the grammar checker do this and then I was able to work more on content with students, CR, High School teacher.

Wonderful way to do a final overview for things I missed in my original writing and my proofreading afterwards.  Extremely helpful! KC.

I have seen a major improvement in the work of our students. I really appreciate the fact that it doesn’t correct things for them but rather reminds them of the rules as they work! Chrissy R., Teacher.

Thank you very much!  I'm impressed with how much teaching is in this program.  I wish I'd known of it earlier.  Sharon

I introduced SpanishChecker to the students, the overall results were the highest levels of writing that I've seen
so far! Rita, Spanish Professor.

I love that it doesn't give the exact answer, it only explains the rule so that students have to figure out what the correction should be, Debbie (Spanish Teacher)

A website that will highlight your mistakes, but YOU have to figure it out! It's like having ME in your computer proof-reading your work! Nicole S. (teacher).

You're a genius! Kim, student.

As a Spanish teacher, I think this site is wonderful and would certainly like to make it part of my teaching. Meagan.

I use your website all the time. It is so awesome. I actually learn a lot of great things and I like seeing that my writing is improving because I get less and less little yellow and red marks. Yeah! 

Oh, I am thrilled to have discovered your site! It's perfect for my needs. Thank you so much for doing this, and for sending it out into the universe with no strings attached. How generous of you.

Your site is an amazing tool. I use it constantly in my work with an international, non-profit organization. It is really helpful! Thank you.