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Restaurant (el restaurante)


English Images Spanish Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
a table Cozy dining room with table illustration una mesa  
a chair old chair una silla  
the bathroom Fashionable bathroom illustration el baño  
the wine Wine, Glass, White, Grapes, Drinks el vino  
the bread Bread, Food, Bakery, French, Baguettes el pan  
a reservation Restaurant, Reservation, Food una reservación  
a waiter Cartoon Character, Waiter, Idea un camarero, una camarera  
a glass of water Backlit glas un vaso de agua
a table for four Family sitting around table una mesa para cuatro personas
please Girl asking for somethin por favor  
thank you Present 3 gracias  
delicious Portrait of a handsome male chef dressed in uniform delicioso  
the nuts Nuts, Almonds, Seeds, Food, Batch las nueces  
a tip a tip una propina  
a salad Salad, Salad Bowl, Healthy, Eat, Food una ensalada  
the bill 20 with diner receipt la factura  
the chicken Chicken Breast, Food Ingredients el pollo  
the shrimp Prawns, Steamed, Seafood, Restaurant los camarones  
the fish Fish, Sea Bream, Potatoes, Kitchen, Cook el pescado  
the beef Fillet Of Beef, Roast Beef, Steak la carne de res  
the pork Pig, Cartoon, Animals, Farm, Lovely la carne de cerdo
an egg Egg, Socket, Full, Busy, Bird'S Nest un huevo  
the salt Salt, Salt Shaker, Table Salt la sal  
the pepper Pepper, Pepper Mill, Sharp, Benefit From la pimienta    
spicy Chilli, Bite, Hot, Lips, Mouth, Eat picante  
coffee Coffee, Coffee Cup, Cup, Drink, Beans el café  
tea Green Tea, Drink, Chinese, Ceramics el  
dessert Bananas, Dessert, Sweets, Whipped Cream el postre  
an appetizer Good morning sunshine una tapa  
breakfast Fried Eggs, Breakfast, Toast, Food, Egg el desayuno  
lunch Club Sandwich, Fast Food, Snack, Fries el almuerzo (la comida)
supper Christmas Dinner, Family Dinner la cena  
the food Fruits, Vegetables, Artichoke, Banana la comida  
I am hungry Hungry pug thinking about food tengo hambre
I am thirsty Illustrated man drinking a big glass of water tengo sed
I would like to order Waitress taking orders from people in restaurant Quiero pedir  
a plate Plate,plate,dinner,dish un plato  
a fork Fork,fork,isolated,spoon un tenedor  
a spoon Cuillère À Café, Métal, Manger, Cuillère una cuchara  
a knife Antique silver knife. un cuchillo  
vegetarian small salad with lime vegetariano  
gluten-free Pasta, Buckwheat, Food, Gluten-Free sin gluten  


Helpful verbs and expressions

Verbs: comer ("to eat"), beber ("to drink"), gustar a ("to like"), demasiado ("too much/many"), suficiente ("enough"), ser alérgico a ("to be allergic to"), e.g.:

Comí demasiadas tapas = "I ate too many appetizers"
Es importante beber mucha agua = "You need to drink enough water"
gustar a
Me gusta el café = "I like coffee"
ser alérgico/a a
Soy alérgica a las nueces = "I am allerigic to nuts"
You can use the SpanishChecker Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: Negation

Negative sentences are formed by placing the word no before the verb, e.g.: No quiero comer ("I don't want to eat"). The word nada means "nothing", the word nadie means "no one". You can learn more about negation here.
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