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The Body

The Body (el cuerpo)

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English Spanish
Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
the head la cabeza
the nose la nariz  
the ear la oreja  
the face la cara  
the eyes los ojos  
the hair el cabello  
the heart el corazón  
the lungs los pulmones  
the arm el brazo  
the hand la mano  
the finger el dedo  
the leg la pierna  
the knee la rodilla  
the foot el pie  
the ankle el tobillo  
the body el cuerpo  
the mouth la boca  
the teeth los dientes  
the cheeks las mejillas  
my shoulder mi hombro  
the elbow el codo  
my neck mi cuello  


Helpful verbs

lavarse ("to wash"), dolerse ("to hurt"), romperse ("to break"), e.g.:

Tengo que lavarme las manos = "I need to wash my hands"
Me duele la cabeza = "My head hurts"
Me rompí el brazo = "I broke my arm"

You can use the SpanishChecker Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

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Grammar: Pronominal verbs me acuesto

Pronominal verbs have a pronoun as part of the infinitive (the base form), e.g.: despertarse, acostarse. The pronoun must match the subject, e.g.: Yo me lavo ("I wash myself"), ella se acuesta ("She goes to bed"). You can learn more about pronominal verbs here.

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