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Past Participle (e.g.: hablado, dicho, venido, comido)

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Questions about Past Participles

Q: Why is it Los niños han dicho la verdad and NOT Los niños han dichos la verdad?

The past participle only shows gender and number agreement when it is used as an adjective to describe a noun, but NEVER in the past perfect with haber.

Q: Why is it Las cartas están escritas en inglés and NOT Las cartas están escrito en inglés?

When the past participle is used with ser or estar as an adjective, there IS gender and number agreement with the noun (unlike with haber).

Q: Why is it he visto and NOT he vido?

The verb ver is irregular. You should review and memorize the verbs that have irregular past participles.

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In this section: Description, Questions, Exercises
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