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Gustar and similar verbs  (e.g.: me gustan los perros)

Questions About Gustar and Similar Verbs

Q: Why is it me gustan los libros and NOT yo gusto los libros?

R: Remember, the subject of gustar is the noun that follows. Also, the expression yo (le/te/os) gusto should be avoided (or used with extreme caution only when you mean that you are pleasing to other people).

Q: Why is it A él le gustan las bibliotecas and NOT A él le gusta las bibliotecas?

R: Remember the verb must agree with the plural subject las bibliotecas, normally what comes after the verb, not the object a él/le.

Q: Why is it A Ricardo le encanta el cafe and NOT Ricardo encanta el cafe?

R: When using a name, start with the personal a and make sure you use a pronoun as well (e.g.: le).

Q: Why is it A mí me fascina leer and NOT A mi me fascina leer?

R: The object phrase uses the pronoun with an accent when referring to the first person ("me"). Only use the possessive mi to mean "my" e.g.: A mi padre le fascina leer.


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