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English Spanish
Listen and Repeat
my brother mi hermano  
my sister mi hermana  
my mother mi madre  
my father mi padre  
my son mi hijo  
my daughter mi hija  
my husband mi marido  
my wife mi esposa  
my uncle mi tío  
my aunt mi tía  
my grandfather mi abuelo  
my grandmother ma abuela   
my cousin mi primo/a  
my brother-in-law mi cuñado  
my stepbrother mi hermanastro  
my sister-in-law mi cuñada  
my stepsister mi hermanastra  
my mother-in-law mi suegra  
my stepmother mi madrastra  
my father-in-law mi suegro  
my stepfather mi padrastro  
my last name mi apellido
a friend un/a amigo/a  
my boyfriend mi novio  
my girlfriend mi novia  
a woman una mujer  
a man un hombre  
a girl una niña  
a boy un niño  


Helpful verbs

conocer ("to know"), nacer ("to be born"), morir ("to die"), e.g.:

Conozco a tu hermano = "I know your brother"
Mi padre nació en Europa = "My father was born in Europe"
Mi primo murió el año pasado = "My cousin died last year"
You can use the SpanishChecker Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: "to know"

Spanish has two words for the English verb "to know": saber and conocer. Saber means to know a fact or piece of information, e.g.: Mi madre sabe que la quiero ("My mother knows that I love her"), while conocer means to know or be familiar with a person, place or thing, e.g.: Conozco a un profesor que puede ayudarte ("I know a teacher who can help you"). You can learn more about saber and conocer here.
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