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Food (la comida)

English Spanish Listen and Repeat
the cheese el queso  
the bread el pan  
the vegetables la verdura  
the meat la carne  
the rice el arroz  
the fruit las frutas  
an apple una manzana  
the beans los frijoles  
the nuts las nueces  
peanuts los cacahuetes  
a salad una ensalada  
the chicken el pollo  
the shrimp los camarones  
the fish el pescado  
the beef la carne de res
an egg un huevo  
the salt la sal  
the milk la leche  
the garlic el ajo  
the oil el aceite  
a tomato un tomate  
breakfast el desayuno
lunch el almuerzo
supper la cena  
the food la comida  
I am hungry tengo hambre  
I am thirsty tengo sed
a plate un plato  
a fork un tenedor  
a spoon una cuchara  
a knife un cuchillo  
I am allergic to nuts Soy alérgica a las nueces  


Helpful verbs

comer ("to eat"), beber ("to drink"), gustar ("to like"), cocinar ("to cook").

He comido lo suficiente = "I have eaten enough"
Hay que beber agua = "You need to drink water"
Me gustan las frutas = "I like fruit"
Me encanta cocinar = "I love to cook"

You can use the SpanishChecker Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

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Grammar Point: when "be" = tener

There are many expressions where English uses the verb "be", but Spanish uses the verb tener (literally "to have"). For example, "I am hungry" = Tengo hambre; "She is 15 years old" = Tiene 15 años; "They are afraid" = Tienen miedo. You can learn more about these differences between English and Spanish here.

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