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Dates and Time

Dates and Time (la fecha y la hora)

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English Spanish
Listen and Repeat
today hoy  
yesterday ayer  
tomorrow mañana  
now ahora  
morning la mañana  
noon el mediodía  
the afternoon la tarde  
Monday el lunes  
Tuesday el martes  
Wednesday el miércoles  
Thursday el jueves  
Friday el viernes  
Saturday el sábado  
Sunday el domingo  
the weekend el fin de semana
the spring la primavera  
the summer el verano  
the winter el invierno  
the fall el otoño
What time is it? ¿Qué hora es?   ?
early temprano
late tarde
always siempre  
sometimes de vez en cuando

 You can find more information about dates and time here.

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Grammar Point: past tense

Verbs change their ending to indicate that an action took place in the past. For example, hablo ("I speak"), but hablé ("I spoke"). The specific verb ending used depends on the subject. Note also that some verbs follow an irregular pattern. For example, hacer: hice ("I did"), poner: puse ("I put"), ser: fui ("I was"). You can learn more about verbs in the past tense here.


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