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Business (los negocios)

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English Spanish Listen and Repeat
to work trabajar  
a job un trabajo   
the boss el jefe  
the employee el empleado  
the staff el personal    
the money el dinero  
to earn or make (money) ganar  
the schedule el horario    
on time a tiempo
a cheque un cheque    
a business un negocio    
an office una oficina    
a meeting una cita    
full time a tiempo completo    
part time a tiempo parcial    
a branch (of an office) una sucursal    
to hire contratar    
to fire despedir    
a vacation una vacación


Helpful verbs

aceptar ("to accept"), llegar ("to arrive"), ganar ("to earn"), e.g.:

Acepto su propuesta = "I accept your offer"
Es necesario llegar a tiempo = "You need to arrive on time"
Mi madre gana $ 30 por hora = "My mother makes $30 an hour"
You can use the SpanishChecker Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: Noun agreement

All Spanish nouns are classified as either masculine or feminine. Make sure the determiner (e.g.: el, la, un, una) matches the noun for gender, e.g.: since the word for "thing" (cosa) is feminine, you need to write una cosa ("a thing"), not un cosa (note that the noun's ending isn't always a good indication of gender, e.g.: un problema).
There is also agreement in terms of singular and plural, e.g.: las cosas = "the things". You can learn more about noun agreement here.
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