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Clothing (La ropa)

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English Spanish Listen and Repeat
a hat un sombrero
a (light) jacket una chaqueta
a (heavy) jacket un abrigo  
the socks los calcetines  
my shoes mis zapatos
the heels los tacones  
the running shoes las zapatillas
a shirt una camisa
pants un pantalón  
shorts los pantalones cortos
the belt el cinturón  
a scarf una bufanda  
under clothing la ropa interior
jeans los vaqueros
a skirt una falda  
a dress un vestido  
the boots las botas
a sweater un suéter
my slippers mis pantuflas
pyjamas los pijamas
a bathing suit un traje de baño  
to wear llevar  
to dress vestirse    
to take off quitar    


Helpful verbs

llevar ("to wear"), quitar ("to take off"), vestirse ("to get dressed"), lavar ("to wash"), e.g.:

Me gusta llevar sombreros = "I like to wear hats"
Quita su camisa = "Take off your sweater"
Me visto rápidamente = "I dress quickly"
Tengo que lavar mi camisa = "I have to wash my shirt"
You can use the SpanishChecker Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: Subject pronouns

Like English, Spanish has subject pronouns: yo ("I"), tú ("you"), él ("he"), ella ("she"), etc. The verb's ending changes according to the subject, e.g.: yo hablo ("I speak"), hablas ("you speak"), él habla ("he speaks").
Still, it is common to not use the subject pronoun in Spanish, e.g.: ¿Hablas inglès? ("Do you speak English?"); Necesito comprar zapatos ("I need to buy shoes"). You can learn more about subject pronouns here.
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