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Animals (los animales)

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English Spanish Listen and Repeat
the dog el perro  
the cat el gato  
the bird el pájaro  
a spider una araña  
the horse el caballo  
the cow la vacca  
the mouse el ratón  
the fish el pez  
the pig el cerdo  
a frog una rana  
a snake una serpiente  
a bear un oso  
the octopus el pulpo  
a monkey un mono  
a pet una mascota  


Helpful verbs

gustar ("to like"), tener ("to have"), tener miedo de ("to be afraid of"), dormir ("to sleep"), e.g.:

Me gustan los monos = "I like monkeys"
Tengo dos gatos = "I have two cats"
tener miedo
Tengo miedo de la serpientes= "I am afraid of snakes"
Mi perro duerme = "My dog is sleeping"
You can use the SpanishChecker Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: "I like" = me gusta(n)

To say you like something, use the object pronoun "me" followed by a form of the verb gustar. Here's the important thing: the verb form is based on the thing you like.
For example, Me gustan los perros ("I like dogs"). The plural gustan is used since the thing you like is plural (thing of it as "the dogs are pleasing to me". Other verbs that work this way are encantar ("to be thrilled with") and molestar ("to be bothered"). You can find more information about these verbs here.
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