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Spanish in 40 hours

Spanish in 40 hours is a way for beginners to achieve functional fluency by applying linguistic principles to the learning of grammar and especially vocabulary. The key resource you will use is SpanishChecker's Vocabulary Guide.

During these 40 hours, you will learn: a) key vocabulary (around 500 words); b) pronunciation strategies and c) basic grammatical concepts.

Spanish in 40 hours is different from other language learning programs because it is guided by the following linguistic principles:

a) Deep lexical learning ©

b) Learning through feedback

c) Learning through producing

d) Learning through noticing

Deep lexical learning an approach that allows you to do more than recognize a Spanish word. You will know its meaning in English, be able to produce in various ways and be able to do so spontaneously.

In terms of feedback, you will be able to immediately confirm your vocabulary knowledge by translating between English and Spanish and by doing simple exercises to reinforce acquisition.

Importantly, you will learn to produce sentences with the words you learn and receive real-time feedback via SpanishChecker.com.  In our view, the best approach is one that starts with the acquisition of core vocabulary, which is then used as a starting point to learn about Spanish grammar.

As you build sentences, you will notice and improve lexical and grammatical gaps in your knowledge.

You should spend two hours on each category. At the end, we suggest you review for an hour, then do the final exam.

How to move through the course

In order to thoroughly learn the vocabulary from each category, the following steps should be followed:

Step 1: Study each Spanish word alongside the English one, listen AND pronounce the Spanish word (20 minutes)

Step 2: Hide the English column, listen to and pronounce the Spanish word; think of the definition (20 minutes)

Step 3: Hide the Spanish (show English if needed), listen to words randomly, pronounce (imitate) and write the Spanish word in the box (30 minutes)

Step 4: Do the exercises at the bottom of the page (10 minutes)

Step 5: Play the game; this is a way to see if you can come up with the word spontaneously (10 minutes)

Step 6: Read the grammar point (5 minutes)

Step 7: Do the translations and check grammar on SpanishChecker.com (20 minutes)

Step 8: Write down any new words you learn in a notebook (and review from time to time) (5 minutes)

Let's get started!

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