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Thanks so much for creating it, it's really fantastic! Colby.

I love that it doesn't give the exact answer, it only explains the rule so that students have to figure out what the correction should be, Debbie (Spanish Teacher)

A website that will highlight your mistakes, but YOU have to figure it out! It's like having ME in your computer proof-reading your work! Nicole S. (teacher).

I use your website all the time. It is so awesome. I actually learn a lot of great things and I like seeing that my writing is improving because I get less and less little yellow and red marks. Yeah! 

Agradezco la crecion de esta pagina porq es importante para quienes tenemos la intención de expresar con claridad nuestras ideas pero respetando a la gramatica de nuestra lengua materna.

Since using SpanishChecker, my students overall results are the highest levels of writing that I've seen, Rita (Spanish Professor).

Oh, I am thrilled to have discovered your site! It's perfect for my needs. Thank you so much for doing this, and for sending it out into the universe with no strings attached. How generous of you.

Your site is an amazing tool. I use it constantly in my work with an international, non-profit organization. It is really helpful! Thank you.